NBA 2K18 Locker Codes updated

NBA 2k18 is out and it has brought many changes to the NBA game. So all the NBA game players need NBA 2K18 Locker Codes to play the game to zenith. There are only two ways to get these locker codes. Either buy them or play the game hours and hours to build them. Both are not free. But here to our visitors  there is a new and free way to get NBA 2K18 locker codes everyday. With our 2k18 locker codes generator users can get either free NBA 2k18 vc codes or diamnd player codes, based on their requirement. Try our free NBA 2k 18 locker codes generator today and get unlimited VC codes everyday.

NBA2K18 VC Codes

NBA 2k18 locker codes

Do this NBA 2k18 locker codes generator work for PS4 ?

The 2K locker codes generator is designed to work for all platforms PS4 , NBA 2k18 locker codes XBOX one , 360 and PS3 also. Initially the generator could generate only free NBA VC coins to NBA 2k18 locker codes XBOXone interface but now it can add even the free NBA 2k 18 diamond player cards or codes easily without any hassle. NBA 2k18 free agent cards are also included in these codes.

Free 2k18 VC Codes

The virtual currency codes or the NBA 2k18 vc codes are the in game currency of the game. here we have denominations of free 5k, 50k and 100k VC codes. So the players have option to select the codes based on their requirement.

Even though there are high denominations of free VC codes , go for a 5k vc code , so that all users can get chance to avail these free NBA 2k 18 locker codes. Few diamond player locker codes are added to the generator every hour depending upon the availability of working diamond player codes.

How the 2k18 locker codes generator work ?

The 2k locker codes generator  works online. So this is obviously a no download , no survey and no password NBA generator. This is very next to the NBA 2k18 cheats tool, which uses the glitches in the NBA algorithm to add unlimited free locker codes. Enjoy the free NBA 2k18 locker codes here and if you face any problem feel free to contact us here.

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